Management Platform WEB/CLOUD and APP that automatizes the internal processes of your organization to simplify the activities and improve the execution times.
Connect to your computer and manage your Company in real time from anywhere in the world.

  • Improves the execution times of activities.
  • Increases the work capacity and the productivity of your company.
  • Interacts from inside or outside the organization via the internet in safe mode.
  • Increases the efficiency of the staff employed in the organization.
  • Increases the working capacity of the company with the existing resources.
  • Available for iOS and Android.
  • Available for Smartphones and tablets.

Management Platform Web/Cloud and APP that automatizes all the processes between your clients and your company.
Telephone calls or e-mails can be bureaucratic, now you can communicate with your client with an effective App and in real time.

  • Promotes direct communication with your clients.
  • Automatizes the requests.
  • Shortens request times.
  • Guarantees immediate response times to increase customer satisfaction.
  • Provides statistics of the more requested or sold products and/or services in your company.


  • Provides employee productivity statistics:
    • Response times to customers.
    • Average of atended cases.
    • Sales statistics in currency and / or quantity of items.
    • Growth rates of customer acquisition.
  • Available for iOS and Android.
  • Available for Smartphones and tablets.

Get Cloudcore Customer Process and Cloudcore Inside process to enjoy the benefits of automatizing the processes both with your clients and with your work team.
Cloudcore Suite allows you to manage customer requirements and follow the internal processes of your organization in real time.

  • Allows to make an effective follow up of the requirements by monitoring  the fulfillment of the tasks.
  • Provides client request statistics, allowing you to evaluate the connection between received and addressed requests as well as requests converted into sales.
RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization)

WEB/CLOUD and APP platform to manage and control the guarantee that the customer is given when purchasing your products, thus providing improved service levels and user satisfaction.

  • Minimizes both operating and maintenance expenses.
  • Allows to adjust the response times and customer service standards.
  • Manages the customer reports of damage or retours of the products

WEB/CLOUD and APP system specifically designed to manage massive attendance events, ticket sales, inventory control, event capacity, attendance control, among others.

  • Has large storage capacity.
  • Optimizes attendance control, through the use of smartphones.
  • Swift and effective implementation.
  • Offers statistical sales control.
  • Provides management reports in real time.

Each day more companies or individuals establish alliances with third parties to offer better solutions to its customers. It is for this reason that we have a WEB / CLOUD and APP Platform that allows you to manage, control and visualize the detailed profit margin for each transaction between your company and your ally in real time, thus ensuring transparency and solidity.

  • Provides real time accurate information of each transaction between the parties.
  • Sets percentage of profits per partner.
  • Issues detailed and consolidated configurable reports
  • Generates management reports in real time.
  • Offers access to all allies, making it possible for them to monitor their individual income ratio.

WEB/CLOUD Platform designed for regulatory bodies, laboratories and dealers of Pharmaceutical products, that allows to control in an automatized way all the management related to the ARMPs (Adverse Reactions to Medicinal Products), lack of efficacy and medicine quality problems.

  • Keeps real-time track records of lab reports.
  • Provides real-time statistics and reports on the records of the received notifications.
  • Evaluates automatically the causality of the registered ARMPs and lack of efficiency reports, using the Karch-Lasagna algorithm.
  • Allows to incorporate an interface on your website to facilitate the online user reports.
  • Accessible from anywhere in the world with any type of device: with Windows, Mac OS platforms or mobile devices (iOS, Android, Windows).
  • Can be integrated with other systems, either your own or from any regulatory bodies.
  • Allows to input reaction reports prior to its acquisition.